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Orientation Activities

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The activities are required and will be graded.



Please follow the steps on the  BJA Logging In, Google Apps, Clever, and Edgenuity tab of the BlueJay Academy webpage. 

You will see links to two tasks.

If you were a member of BJA last year, please make sure you can still access your SSO account (Single Sign On). If not, complete the form on the above-referenced tab/instructions for reset. Returners, make sure you use your full school e-mail address and also try Bluejays2 then Gps###### (your school ID or lunch #) as passwords before submitting the form. 


You will create & submit a Google Slides Presentation. You must be logged in to your School Account through Clever for this activity. 

Click here for the slide presentation you will need to start with for your activity. Complete instructions are included in the presentation. Read them carefully.     


Sending an appropriate e-mail.

This link is currently broken. However, remember: 

  • Always be polite.
  • Use proper English grammar and spelling -- this is not a text to a friend.
  • Include the specific course name & assignment being discussed.
  • Do not start a message or conversation with "Hey."
  • Always use an informative subject line
  • Type the message in the body of the e-mail -- not in the subject line.
  • Only use your school email for school correspondence.



The following lessons will be due within a week of beginning your coursework. One of the most important and recurring assignments in coursework is The Essay. There are very specific elements that must be included in every essay, whether it is submitted in a traditional school, online school, secondary school, vocational school, or college. Types of essays may vary, and those differences in approach will be covered as they are presented in the curriculum. The basic steps of ANY essay remain the same: Introduction, a minimum of 3 body paragraphs, and a closing paragraph. These lessons will help you as you build essays for your upcoming work in all walks of life.

Task 1: Overview of the Essay Parts

Task 2: Details of Composing a Proper These Statement



Today's tasks involve utilizing the tools within Edgenuity, becoming familiar with the Edgenuity screen/course layout, and completing the Guided Notes available. You will also check out the "Concept Coach" which is an on-demand coursework option with a live person. We encourage you to use the Concept Coach as needed. You will e-mail the completed guided notes to us.

  1. What are Guided Notes? Click here for a quick overview.
  2. What is the Concept Coach? Click here.
  3. Before you begin the Edgenuity lesson, you will need to download the Chrome Extension DocHub. It is a free service that will help you in completing the Guided Notes in the lessons. DocHub Extension -- please follow these directions.
  4. This link will take you to part of the knowledge base of DocHub for a quick overview.
  5. Please view:  Quick DocHub Overview Video
  6. Please view: Inserting Fields in DocHub Video


  1. View the short video found here, The Imagine Edgenuity Student Experience will cover the most important pieces of the Edgenuity process. Use your Orientation Tasks lesson (explained below) to practice the various tools shown in the video -- read-aloud, highlighting, etc.
  2. Many of the courses in Edgenuity, especially "core courses," Guided Notes are available for use. Guided Notes are very similar to the "worksheets" typically found with hardback textbooks. Completing the Guided Notes for the lesson or unit is very helpful in learning and retaining the course information. They can be referred to when taking quizzes, tests, and the final exam.
  3. Open the Orientation Tasks 22-23 course in your Edgenuity account. Work through the entire course, becoming familiar with the elements of the Edgenuity screen. Pay attention to the Course Map / Daily Assignments list -- this is what you must complete each day to stay on track  ... day by day ... in each of your classes. 
  4. Download the Guided Notes from the lesson to your Google Drive.
  5. Create a New Folder named "BlueJay Academy 22-23" or "Faver 22-23"
  6. Within your 22-23 folder, create a new folder labeled "Guided Notes - Orientation Task." Save the downloaded Notes as LastName, FirstName Guided Notes Orientation Task IV into this folder.
  7. Place "fields" on the downloaded Guided Notes pages you just saved to be able to "type in the answers."
  8. In the Top-Right Corner of each page, place a Paragraph Field Box. In that box, insert the following:

LastName, FirstName

Activity Name: Orientation Tasks Guided Note

Today's Date: MM-DD-YYYY

Pg. 1

The page # will need to be changed on each page. This style of header needs to be placed on all documents submitted in your courses.

Email the completed Guided Notes unit to bja@guthrieps.net.


TASK 5: 

The "Academic Integrity" class is  available in your Edgenuity course list. Please complete these assignments. They will be due within two school days of beginning Faver or BJA.


Take a moment and closely review the "Getting Started Information" linked here.     

Also, always pay attention to the Announcements posted in Edgenuity.


The videos below are very helpful in your Edgenuity Coursework. 

How-To Videos

Please watch the following videos that will assist with your coursework:

Getting Started w Edgenuity

This is another Getting Started Video that is made for another school district, but starting at about the 1-minute mark you will begin watching a great demo of tools available in your lessons.

Using Guided Notes   (You REALLY want to do these!!!! You can use any notes you take on your final exams.)

Another Look at Guided Notes --- remember, you REALLY NEED TO DO THESE!

On-Demand Tutoring aka Concept Coaching -- a great tool to assist you with your coursework.

Taking Notes  (Again, any notes you take -- not copied or pasted / borrowed -- can be used on your final exams.)

Uploading / Downloading files

Keeping Track on your Course Report - very important!

Working with Word & PDF Files in Edgenuity -- Projects / Reports / Labs / etc.!!!!!!!!  Remember, Google Applications (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. can easily substitute for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.)

Edgenuity Writing Assignment Help

Once you begin working on your courses, make sure you pay attention to the "ANNOUNCEMENTS" that pop up / are available by clicking on the megaphone in the top right corner. While there are some "corporate" announcements, we will also post specific ones for you. They will usually have BJA or GHS in the Title.