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Foundation Overview

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A Tradition of Excellence with a Vision for Tomorrow

Former Guthrie Education Foundation Grant Recipients
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What is the Guthrie Educational Foundation?
The Guthrie Educational Foundation was established by parents, civic leaders, and community volunteers who believe the quality of life and economic development of a community are related to the quality of the local education system.  A board of volunteers oversees the mission of the Foundation and operates independently of the school administration or school board of the Guthrie Public Schools.
The purpose of the Foundation is to provide grants, scholarships, and awards to Guthrie teachers to enrich the academic curricula and resources available to students enrolled in the Guthrie Public Schools.
What is the mission of the Foundation?
The mission of the Foundation is to foster educational opportunities which will produce innovative and effective learning activities for all youth in the Guthrie Public Schools.
How is the Foundation funded?
We are a non-profit 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization.  A majority of our income comes from those who have graduated from Guthrie Public Schools.  Private gifts are also received from members of our community who want the best for our local education system.  We carry out community fundraisers to increase visibility for the Foundation mission.  There are no paid employees of the Foundation.  All contributions go directly toward helping teachers and their classroom needs.
How are school projects and grants selected?
The Foundation Board meets each semester to select grants submitted by teachers.  Each grant application states the purpose, benefit, and cost itemization of the funding requested.  Grants cannot be used for teacher compensation.  In addition, the Board selects projects and awards which, in its view, add significantly to the mission of the Foundation and the success of the Guthrie Public Schools.
What kind of projects does the Foundation fund?
  • The Grants-To-Teachers Program provides teachers with grants for the development of innovative teaching projects and needed materials and supplies for classroom success.  Teachers submit ideas and project needs to the Foundation Board.  Priority will be given to projects which inspire students, generate enthusiasm, and promote academic excellence.
  • School Site Grants support projects initiated by school-based teams of parents, students, teachers, and administrators.  These grants could be focused on multi-class, multi-school, multi-discipline, or a combination of those.  These projects provide a way for parents and the community to be directly involved in meeting school goals.
  • Expert-in-Residence Grants provide funding for specialists on a variety of speaking or multi-disciplinary topics which results in instructors to students of any grade level, sharing their knowledge and creating exciting learning opportunities.
  • Professional Growth for Teachers provide funds for teachers to participate in symposiums, seminars, workshops and conferences not funded by the district.
  • Student Scholarships for students to participate in academic contests; scholarships recognizing academic achievement among high school leaders and youth leadership workshops.
The Importance of the Foundation .....
Guthrie is a community that believes education is vitally important and that the quality of education is reflected both in individual success and in the overall success of the community.
The Foundation is an independently operated non-profit organization.  Its only goal is to be an important partner with Guthrie educators and their students in improving the quality of education in Guthrie Public Schools.
Your contribution
The Foundation meets all IRS requirements pertaining to charities, thereby enabling you to receive maximum tax benefits for your gifts.  The Foundation provides the means for you to invest in today's youth, tomorrow's leaders, and the future of our community.  By contributing to the Foundation, you will be a vital part of an organization committed to achieving excellence in our Guthrie Schools.
The Foundation provides a way whereby individuals, school personnel, parents, community members, and alumni can support education and our educators and champion educational causes in our community.
Your money can be directed toward one of two different funds.  If you wish to contribute to an immediate project identified by the Foundation as being implemented during the current school year, your can make your gift payable to the GEF Operations Fund.  If you wish to make a lasting gift toward future projects proposed for funding, you can contribute to the GEF Endowment Fund.  Only the interest earned on this fund will be expended on the educational programs, innovative projects, and other programs which stimulate excellence in education in Guthrie Public Schools
The Guthrie Educational Foundation is proud to partner with the students and teachers in Guthrie Public Schools.  However, we need the support of concerned  citizens like you.
Invest in the future of a child.  Become a part of the Guthrie Educational Foundation today!

Guthrie Educational Foundation
PO Box 371
Guthrie, OK  73044