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2021-2022 Class Policies & Procedures

Know what is expected

Monetta Fields


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Classroom Policies 2021-2022
Mrs. Monetta Fields


An exciting new school year is about to begin! I am looking forward to this year and hope that you as well. These class policies will acquaint you with the details you can expect as your classroom experience and will establish the responsibilities of  (me) the teacher,  (you) student, and (your) parent or guardian. 

Teacher Responsibility 

As your teacher, I will strive always to be prepared, to be firm, fair and consistent with all students. I am a firm believer that we are ALL created as individuals. Not one of us is the same. Each of us has a mind and will of his own. Therefore, each mind works, functions and thinks differently. I will diligently seek the best instruction method(s) for each student. During class, we will address many styles such as group work (groups are ASSIGNED not chosen), presentations (everyone will participate, no exceptions are made), notes (required), paper & online homework, quizzes, and tests. 

Student Responsibility 

Students are expected to act appropriately at all times, and adhere to Guthrie High School policies as outlined in the Guthrie High School Student Handbook. Cheating is NOT Tolerated. Should cheating be suspected, guidelines of the GHS handbook will be followed. DO NOT BE TARDY to CLASS. Your JOB is being a student. You have a responsibility to be on time for class. Your work ethic affects your grade. A Class Tardy Policy will be in effect. TARDIES AFFECT YOUR GRADE

Late assignments will not be accepted (Refer to the student handbook)

Missing assignments will receive a grade of zero - NO EXCEPTIONS

Students should come to class prepared this includes all the necessary tools. Students will be required to complete work daily as assigned.
No make-up work for Unexcused Absences (GHS student handbook) 

Excused Absences (This is NOT an activity absence): 1 day for every day missed (GHS handbook) - All absences must be excused through the office ON THE DAY ABSENT (parents, when your student will be missing class, please call the office the day before or the day of)

Activity Absences: You are to get your work BEFORE the activity & turn in the work WHEN the class assignment is DUE this can be done via email or turn in the assignment the day you leave for your activity. All assignments are posted either on Lesson Plans or Google Classroom. 


Classroom participation is required.

Work ethic is an important skill to learn for life. What better time than now to begin developing good Work Ethic. On occasions, work ethic will be figured in as part of an assignment grade. Participate in class discussions. Take notes. Work with other students. HAVE YOUR MATERIALS (pencil, paper, homework). The school / I WILL NOT provide pencil, paper, pens or notebooks. Your materials are YOUR responsibility.
Students are expected to come to class on time
! Each week we have 5 or more objectives to cover, and we have a limited time in class. Come prepared.

Additional instruction: We have the extended lunch which is "Power Hour." The extended time allows you to get help during the school day. Help before school is challenging because of teachers serving extra duties. Please plan accordingly & use Power Hour to your advantage. Tutoring is available most days from 3:15 - 3:30 pm. 

PARENTS: PLEASE be sure that your student has the necessary materials for school. Without the proper materials, they will more than likely miss out on pertinent educational information. PLEASE be sure that your student follows the Guthrie HS Student dress code, cell phone, food/drink, the internet & character policies. We are only allowed 47 minute periods each day to cover the required classroom material this is NOT enough time for each teacher to educate your student in their area of expertise as well as address things that teachers really should not have to address. It is your responsibility to instill that your student adheres to the rules set forth by the school. If you inspire the quality of adherence, then school staff or administration won’t be calling you at work or home to discuss these matters.

You are encouraged to use Guthrie Public Schools online Gradebook often. Having access to Gradebook will allow you daily access to your student’s grades. If you have not signed up, click here on GRADEBOOK.

The best way to contact me is via email at monetta.fields@guthrieps.net. I typically respond within a 24 hour period. However, during certain times it may take as long as 48 hours before I have time to give a proper response.