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English 1 Pre-AP - 9th grade


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Want calendar information?

Want to know what the monthly extra credit assignment is?

Sign up for College Board Online

College Board Online gives us access to Nationally accredited assessments, lessons, assignments, and resources. 
Any and all information they collect from you is used to help you find colleges and scholarships that are a perfect fit for you and your family. They ask for some parent information, so you might find it most helpful to finish this at home with a parent near-by to help. The good news is, once you do this step, every time you add a class AP Environmental Science, Bio, US History, etc... this step will already be done and you can just join the class. 

1. Follow the link above
2. Create an Account (this is the longest step in the process because they ask for all the info)
3. Join class using the correct code
    3rd hour: WQDR6P
    5th hour: ZDQ9XZ

If you need more information, here's the handout distributed in class. 



All the following assignments are to be completed and turned in on Google Classroom before their due date -- remember that there is always a 24 hour grace period before any assignment is counted as "late" and that any assignment turned in received half credit, even if it's blank

Assignment Due Date