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Unit 1: Figurative Language and Writing Basics


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In this unit of study, we read different short stories and articles, focusing on literary devices such as tone, mood, similes, metaphors, personification, etc...

We also gain skills in writing paragraphs. Focusing on the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning format which helps us clearly state why we are writing, how we know what we know, and how we are using that knowledge to make a statement or prove a point. We will use this format to answer short questions about literature using multiple sentences and not just answering with one or two words. Practicing making a complete thought including evidence and reasoning will not only help us write essays, but organize our thoughts in a way that is intelligent and articulate when we communicate with our peers and superiors. We will practice this type of writing over many questions over many stories and may find the adjustment difficult, but in the long run we benefit from the close study of writing short pieces and will find writing long pieces not as difficult as we used to imagine. 

Texts Used: