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Fry Word List for Second Grade


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Your child will need to know these 400 sight words by the end of second grade. This list is posted so that you can work on them at home!

25 words make up approximately one-third of all published text.100 words make up approximately 50 percent of all of the words found in all published text. 300 words make up approximately 65 percent of all written material.

The first nine weeks they will be tested on the first 100. The second nine weeks they will be test on the first 200. The third nine weeks they will be tested on the first 300. The last nine weeks they will be tested on the first 400. To see the list , please click on the list that you would like to work on. It is set up as a link.


Fry Words 1-10                Fry Words 101-110                Fry Words 201-210                Fry Words 301-310

Fry Words 11-20              Fry Words 111-120                Fry Words 211-220                Fry Words 311-320

Fry Words 21-30              Fry Words 121-130                Fry Words 221-230                Fry Words 321-330

Fry Words 31-40              Fry Words 131-140                Fry Words 231-240                Fry Words 331-340

Fry Words 41-50              Fry Words 141-150                Fry Words 241-250                Fry Words 341-350

Fry Words 51-60              Fry Words 151-160                Fry Words 251-260                Fry Words 351-360

Fry Words 61-70              Fry Words 161-170                Fry Words 261-270                Fry Words 361-370

Fry Words 71-80              Fry Words 171-180                Fry Words 271-280                Fry Words 371-380

Fry Words 81-90              Fry Words 181-190                Fry Words 281-290                Fry Words 381-390

Fry Words 91-100            Fry Words 191-200                Fry Words 291-300                Fry Words 391-400