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Grading Policies


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Mrs. Andrews' Grading Policy


Work Ethic is an important skill to learn for life. What better time than now to begin developing good Work Ethic. On occasions, work ethic will be figured in as part of an assignment grade. Participate in class discussions. Take notes. Work well with other students. 

I will update my grades and submit eligibility every Thursday. If an assignment is not turned in by Thursday, then it will be a zero until the following week (if turned in). 


Grading Categories

Homework/ Assignments: Homework will be assigned for each lesson. Work must be shown to receive credit. Taking advantage of the homework opportunities is expected/encouraged in order to pass the class with a “B” or better.
            If homework is turned in by Thursday of the assigning week, full credit will be given.
            If homework is turned in by the Unit Test, 80% will be given.
            If homework is turned in by the 9 week exam, 60% will be given. Homework will not be accepted after the Exam.

Participation: There will be multiple opportunities to earn bonus points: classroom discussions, school spirit days, arriving to class on time, etc.

Quizzes: These will be timed and sometimes announced in advance.

Unit Tests: Every 2-3 weeks and will cover any previous standards taught.

Nine-Week Exams: There will be 4 Interim Assessments (IA): TBD

Make-Up Policy
a. A school activity: It is the student’s responsibility to pick up and/or get their missed work completed PRIOR to their absence. It is the responsibility of the student to check for any homework assignments or tests that were missed during their absence. Failure to do so could result in late penalties or zeroes.

b. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule any test missed during their absence.

c. Make sure you talk with me about your make-up test date, don’t assume the test will be available. Students taking a make-up test may or may not be given a different exam than given on the actual test date.

d. Quizzes and tests cannot be made up if absence is an Unexcused Absence.

e. Excused Absences: Students, upon returning from an absence, will have the total number of days missed plus one additional day to make up work. Major assignments (including tests/ exams) that were assigned earlier in the quarter will be due on the designated day whether the student is in attendance or not. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH STUDENT TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR MAKE UP WORK.