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Classroom Policies and Procedures


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Mrs. Andrews' Classroom Policies and Procedures


Respect my right to teach and each students’ right to learn. I will not tolerate student behavior which keeps this from happening. Each student is expected to put forth their best effort, to maintain the highest level of integrity and honesty in their work, and to ask for help when needed.

Class expectations include, but are not limited to:
    • Student will pay attention, follow all directions, and stay on task. This means cell phones will not be allowed during class. If there is an emergency please call        the office.

    • Backpacks are to be put against the wall (or not brought to class) so that they are not obstructing the walkways. Grab what you need for class and put it on            your desk.

    • Cheating is a serious offense and will be dealt with according to the student handbook. Cheating will result in a ZERO on the assignment.

    • Students are expected to arrive to class on time with all materials needed. Please check (and double check) what is required on the supply list.

    • No food or drinks (except water) are allowed in the classroom.

Behavior Steps and Consequences
: PLEASE be sure that your student has the necessary materials for school. If finances are an issue please reach out for assistance. Without the proper materials, they will more than likely miss out on pertinent educational information. PLEASE be sure that your student follows the Guthrie HS Student dress code, cell phone, food/drink, the internet, and character policies. We are only allowed 47 minute periods each day to cover the required classroom material; this is NOT enough time for each teacher to educate your student in their area of expertize as well as address things that teachers really should not have to address. It is your responsibility to instill that your student adheres to the rules set forth by the school and their teacher. If you inspire the quality of adherence, then school staff or administration won’t be calling you at work or home to discuss these matters.

If a student chooses to break a rule, appropriate action will be taken. Depending on the severity of the infraction, this could include a verbal reprimand, call or email to parent, and/or a referral to a Principal.

• Learning begins when you enter the room. You are expected to be ON TIME and PREPARED.

     DO NOT BE TARDY to CLASS. Your JOB is being a student. You have a responsibility to be on time for class. Your work ethic affects your grade.

• I encourage you to take well written notes and ask questions when you need clarification. Classroom participation is required.
• Class ends when I dismiss you. You are NOT to gather next to the door waiting for the bell to ring.


    Late assignments will not be accepted at full credit.
To receive any credit, assignments must be turned before the 9 week exams

    Missing assignments will receive a grade of zero - NO EXCEPTIONS


Absences (GHS handbook)
AU- You will not be allowed to make-up assignments during an Unexcused Absence, this includes quizzes and tests 

AB, AM, AD- Excused Absences: Assignments missed during and excused absence will receive "days missed +1" days.  

*Major assignments that were assigned earlier in the semester will be due on the designated day whether the student is in attendance or not*


You are encouraged to use Guthrie Public Schools online Gradebook often. Having access to Gradebook will allow you daily access to your student’s grades. If you have not signed up, click here on GRADEBOOK.