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GUES Library Schedule



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GUES Bookfair

October 16th - 27th

We will not have regulary library classes during these dates, but will still be operating as an OPEN CHECKOUT library on a daily basis!



Have a plan in place to finish a book!

Especially if you need to read a book for an assignment, it is a good idea to have a daily goal for pages read from your book.  If you know that you need to finish by a certain day in order to have time to do a book report or take a successful AR quiz, you just need to do a bit of math and have 2 bookmarks!  Take the total number of book pages and divide that number by the number of days you have to complete your book.  Let's say your book has 210 pages and you need to be finished in a week.  210 divided by 7 = 30.  Place your first bookmark (your PROGRESS bookmark)  on page 1 and then place your second bookmark (your GOAL bookmark) on page 31.  Make a daily commitment to read in a way that moves your PROGRESS bookmark until it catches up to your GOAL bookmark, using free time during your school day and some time at home in the evening.  Now, you guessed it!...Move your GOAL bookmark to page 61 for the next day and play "catch-up" all over again.  Reading  daily out of a book keeps the story going in your head.  You may discover that you want to read far past your GOAL bookmark!  Fine!  Just place your PROGESS bookmark on that new page, add 30 and give your GOAL bookmark a new spot! Getting bigger sections of the book read all at once will increase your ability to understand and remember what you read!  THAT is called COMPREHENSION!!  



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