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Classroom Rules and Procedures Headline

September 26, 2016


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I am very excited to announce our district adopted "Go Math" for our 6th grade curriculum.  If you have internet access at home or other location(s) your child will have online options to review lessons and submit homework electronically.  For families without internet access, you could consider using the public library or other similar locations that provide internet.  Hard copies of the homework will also be available for students to complete who do not have any type of internet option available.   Additional information will be given to your students providing them with instructions to access our online features for themselves and/or their parents to view and use.

Students will receive homework at least 2-3 days per week.  Daily assignments are given in two parts.  The first part will be an exit card immediately following the lesson given.  This form must be turned in before the student leaves the classroom. These are rated by the student indicating their understanding of the lesson and then graded by myself.  The second part will be a worksheet or puzzle sheet to allow students to obtain additional practice on the skill learned.  A portion of this worksheet will need to be worked on in class and the other half will be assigned as homework.  Students will be given the answers to their worksheet the following school day.  They will obtain a participation grade if work is shown and turned in on time.

Homework:  If your child has worked on his/her homework for 30 minutes, you can sign their homework page to allow them to stop working for the evening.  If you are using the online homework version, you can send a note indicated the lesson with your child.  They will receive full credit for the portion completed.  Also, if your family's evening activity or schedule did not allow your child to have time to complete their homework, you may also sign their worksheet with an explanation.  As long as I have received their exit card with work shown and correctly performed, I can exempt them from their homework occasionally.  If the exit card your child completed did not indicate he/she had a good understanding of the lesson, they may be required to come in for recess to complete, but will not be penalized for turning their work in late.

Assessments:  After each Module there will be an assessment to determine each student's mastery and/or misunderstanding of the content taught.  

Points Earned:  Lesson exit cards (50 points each), lesson worksheet/puzzles (50 points each), , tests (200 points each)

Students will receive progress reports reports frequently.  Students who show their parents and obtain a parent's signature as an acknowledgement of receipt will receive 10 points bonus.