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Classroom Procedures


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Earth Science & Environmental Science
Coach Woodard

Rm. 43A

I. Required Materials:

            A. Notebook paper or spiral notebooks 
            B. Pencils, blue, black ink pens only

            C. Colored pencils

II. Assignments:

            A. Required heading in upper left hand corner of paper

                        1. First and last name

                        2. Hour

                        3. Date due

                        4. Assignment description

B. All assignments are due the day after they are assigned, unless told otherwise by me.


IV. Grading Scale

            A. Assignment points 
                       1. Vocab= 1 point per word

                        2. SRQ’S and Reviews=2 points per question

                        3. Tests=100 points each

                        4. Labs = 50 points each 

V. Class Rules

            A. Have supplies every day.

B. No food or drink unless told otherwise and never during labs

C. No talking when teacher is teaching, unless asking a question

D. Raise your hand to ask a question

E. Do not vandalize my or school property

F. Do not use obscene or vulgar language

G. No cell-phone or ipod use during class

H. Cheating is automatic zero for all persons involved

VI. Philosophies

            A. Your grade is your responsibility; I do not hand out grades you earn them!

            B. Treat the substitute better than you treat me!

            C. Act the way you want to be treated!