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Reading is the foundation which the house of learning is built...


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Lowell Price
6th Grade
Emma, Jacob and Sara
Myself and my wife, Amanda

Hey all! My name is Lowell D. Price and I am one of the new 6th grade Reading teachers at Guthrie Upper Elementary! 

A little about myself:

I was born in Clinton, Oklahoma and raised there until I was in 8th grade. I come from a very proud athletic family, but better than that is that we were great students too with a great work ethic. I moved to Weatherford in 8th grade and stayed there until my senior year. In my first three years of high school I was on the Academic Team for two years, was an athlete in football, track and wrestling (two time state qualifier and placer) and a very proud member of an amazing school choir. I moved to Guthrie in 1996, playing football my senior year. 

Fast forward to the present and I am married to a former Bluejay and am a proud father of three amazing kids. Sara, 17 years old, is an important member of the Tuttle High School band, a 4.0 GPA student and a hopeful OSU student who wants to be a veterinarian. Emma, 12 years old, currently is a student at GJHS and is an outstanding student and peer. Jacob, Emma's twin brother, currently is a student in Oklahoma City. 

Since I was 16 years old, being a teacher has been the only career I've worked toward. Being able to be the kind of teacher that can grow a student and help them see their hidden potential is what it is all about. When the kids eyes light up and that light bulb flashes, it is the biggest satisfaction a person could have.  Seeing them grow and prepare for the challenges life has to offer is what I am here to do and I truly will work with everything I have to make sure that they end the year far past where they started.

I am lucky enough to have all parents trust me with the education of their children. And as my grandfather used to say, "If you borrow something, you have to return it in as good, if not better, condition than you got it." I get the chance everyday to borrow these kids and it is my goal to return them home everyday, week, month and school year better than when I got them. 




Phone: 405-282-5924 Email: Lowell.Price@guthrieps.net Guthrie Upper Elementary
702 Crooks Dr Guthrie OK 73044